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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Where to read my music writings

Fresh Vibes continues to be my channel for music articles. Various content can be found on my website, with a section dedicated to the magical beast that is Ibiza.

2016 has seen me take up penning stuff for American website EARMILK and the White Isle focused online title Ibiza Club News.

Press peeps: To discuss coverage of any artists or events you represent talk to me at -

Sunday, 3 January 2016


Introducing you to the second edition of my discoteca annual.

Enjoy x

Sunday, 22 March 2015


My finite music zine is ready for your viewing

Further writing can be found on my website

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Throwback thursday #13

As I now have my own url, I'm afraid this is the final post of Fresh Vibes.

Now the end is near, and so I face the final curtain. Well actually not quite as I'm putting together a one off printed edition of Fresh Vibes. Only appropriate to say my farewell with a throwback Thursday as it has been my most consistent feature on here. This one was especially hard to pick. Do I select some classic garage or house? How far do I want to throw you guys back?

Looking through what I've liked on Youtube, Zinc's 'Blunt Edge' and Blawan's 'Getting Me Down' tempt me massively. Both pretty modern hits though, so this hit from Stardust seems like the only viable option. The lyrics are fitting in a way and the 1998 hit has become a classic dance track enjoyed by many.

Been posting on this for almost two years, during which my love for dance music has only continued to grow. I'd like to think my writing has sophisticated, which is helped massively when you write about something you love. Thanks to everyone who has taken part in interviews and checked out my posts, I will continue to write about music over on my website.

The printed edition of Fresh Vibes will include articles on the biggest tracks for 2014, vinyl making a comeback, drugs in love, Disclosure at Space, interviews & more.


Friday, 12 September 2014

Bestival 2014

Last week I made a return to the Isle of Wight to party at Bestival, in an attempt to relive it here's a low down of the weekend. The festival is the final goodbye to the summer and this years headliners included Outkast, Foals and Chic ft. Nile Rodgers.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

from cherry hill

Liking this production from Bristol boy Woz which was released last week courtesy of Black Butter.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Doorly & Green Velvet production 'Money'

Late with this one but the vibe on this one is spot on, found it the other week but I probably heard it in Ibiza too.
Sports cars, designer watches, big houses. Drugs and prostitutes.

Bass problems

Ordered Mak & Pasteman's Brown Bread/Drownings release on Naked Naked. One of my favourites from last year and I found a good deal on discogs. It's my first proper dance record and it turns out my player isn't accustomed to the heavy bass elements and so the needle skated across bits, important bits!

A forum's suggestion of using blu tack seems to do the trick, pretty sure this could cause some damage to the vinyl though...

Needless to say, I'm officially saving for a Technic 1210 now.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

A visit to Berlin

Drawn in by the rich history and art, I wanted a taste of Berlin and joined a couple of friends for the first leg of their interRail journey. Since being reunified over 20 years ago its evolved to hosting a decent nightlife known for being a techno hub. The transport system takes a couple of tries to become used to, once you've got that sorted the whole of the city is yours for exploring. 

On the Wednesday, Hot Since 82 was playing so we headed to Watergate, where I got my first taste of being rejected from a club in Berlin as me being 20 years old was a problem. I reckon the door people can be swayed if you put up a bit of a fight and display a genuine interest for the event, an ability to speak German helps too. Instead we checked out Tresor, one of the original techno clubs in the city which has been moved to an old power plant. Once inside you'll find lively lighting and aggressive sound systems, the upstairs floor plays out some groovy house/techno stuff with a bar and seats to chill out on. A tunnel with only a flashing laser running through it guides you towards the vault room where heavy techno awaits you from a DJ in an iron bar booth.

Another highlight was my trip to Sisyphos, located in Rummelsberg. It throws parties that regularly go on for a couple of days, the vibe resembles a festival or beach party with the outside area being sandy with beds for resting, pizza to nibble on and decor featuring lampshades and disco balls. I spent a lot of time in the wintergarten enjoying a four hour set from Joyce Muniz, can't resist a DJ clearly enjoying themselves with a set of deep house, techno and even some dub.

The nightlife starts a lot later than what I'm used to in London, some headliners not coming on till 5am for instance. The grotty graffiti covered club toilets resembles the basslines you'll hear, you can see how the hedonistic lifestyle of parties all through the week charms young people to the capital. Also went to the clubbing destination Ibiza for the first time too this summer but I found Berlin's music scene to be more relaxed, cheaper and with less vocal lines.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

I don't understand, what have I become to you

Been neglecting this blog as my uni year reached it's unavoidable stressful end. Now that's over I'm free until September, although my computer seems to of died on me so updates may just be whenever I get a chance to kidnap borrow my brothers laptop. I do like to keep in loops with the world but it's nice to not be so attached to the internet, this is my chance to create art and music rather than mostly consume it.

In musical news I got my copy of Chet Fakers' debut album but as both CD players I own are broken I'm going to have to camp in my mums car at some point to indulge in it. '1998' is the only track I've heard from Built on Glass, it has a funky house vibe to it. Excited to hear the rest, I've previously raved about the Australian ginger bearded fellow here.